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Networks and project

Operation of the iTarg3T consortium

For the proper functioning of the project, all members of the consortium meet at least once a year in person to assess the internal progress of the project. These coordination workshops will promote technical and scientific discussion, as well as the exchange of ideas. In addition, the rest of the time, the partner network meets through conferences to discuss the progress of project activities and discuss the results.


Relations with stakeholders, communication and dissemination

Close and regular relations with stakeholders, involving their active engagement in the project, are very important for the development of the project and achieving a wide outreach. The iTarg3T project community incorporate the relevant stakeholders from the local innovation ecosystems and should foster the integration of all sides of the Knowledge Triangle and the various RIS regions of Europe (Iberia, East-Central Europe, ESEE Europe, and Ukraine) with the more developed EU countries, enhancing a transEuropean transfer of knowledge and innovation. The first task in relation to this consist of the compilation of a database of stakeholders (per country), including their needs, concerns, and key competencies. The outward dissemination of the project activities is of key importance for explaining our work to the technical stakeholders and general public. This web page is a key tool for the organization, coordination and a platform for the dissemination of information of the project. Además, members of the team update information via social media, such as Twitter. Dissemination of the information will also take place through communication and publications, and the participation of the scientists involved in the research teams in international conferences, meetings and workshops (presentations, promotional flyers, and posters), so as to develop a two-way interactive communication. The visual identity of the project enhance by the project logo. Last but not least, one key stakeholder and participant of the project is the EIT Raw Materials KIC itself, and the project is closely coordinated with the KIC thematic officers and business developers, independently of regular project reporting to the KIC. The wide community of KIC partners is the core of the project dissemination and it is expected that the circulation of the knowledge and innovation, generated by the project between different sectors as well as different regions of Europe, will play an important role in the KIC promotion. Several companies have already shown their interest in the project and its outcomes, and are provide information and test sites, although they are not part of the consortium.

Education and training

One of the key goals of the proposal is the education and training of shaped, entrepreneurial individuals, possessing world-class expertise in specific fields and excellent general knowledge of the wider aspects of the raw materials value chain. The project design and duration is consistent with the development of joint raining & education efforts between the part-ners and the KIC. During the development of the project it is envisaged to develop a joint post-graduate, Master and Ph.D. Research program (iTarg3T – EIT). A critical task of the entire project is the training of young scientists for both industrial and academic purposes in the various techniques applied within this multidisciplinary project. The European exploration and mining industry, as well as supporting research from universities and other research institutions, needs highly-qualified and knowledgeable young talents - as staff for the various tasks involved in the exploration, ore grade determination, and processing of metallic ores. The Project Consortium recognises that Diversity regarding Gender, Ethnicity, and Disability pose a general challenge in the mineral resource, mining, and mineral processing industry. Against this background, we are particularly pleased that the Consortium and project Collaborators include several high-profile female members in both industry and academia who can serve as role models and can contribute their specific experience. Through its Education and Training concepts and for the success of the project and the mineral resource community in general, the Project Consortium aims to recruit, train, and retain the richest mix of young talents. Inclusivity and Internationalisation maximises the pool of young talents needed by the European mineral resource sector.


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