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Pegmatítica - Sociedade Mineira de Pegmatites Ltda

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Pegmatítica is a small mining company established in 1968 and based in Mangualde (district of Viseu), central Portugal. It has been involved in the past in the exploration and mining of several LiSn-W pegmatite projects in central Portugal, and at the moment is mining the Gonçalo - Guarda (C57) pegmatite deposit. In their operation, Pegmatítica produces lepidolite for ceramics; despite having Sn-Ta minerals, these are currently not recovered yet. The technical staff includes a mining engineer and a geologist. The mine includes an "advanced exploration front", an "exploration zone" and an "environmental and sterile recovery zone", ful-filling for the company all the official parameters of exploration. The company is continuously expanding and plans to open new operations.

Key participants

Alexandra Carolino

Alexandra Carolino

She is a geologist and she believe in the mining and exploration industry to supply essential goods, but she also believe in geological tourism. Biodiversity exists only because there is geodiversity

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