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Lithica SCCL is a consulting firm specializing in geophysics and geology services for the oil&gas, mining, civil engineering, natural hazards and water management sectors. Our multidisciplinary team offers integrated surface and sub-surface studies, consulting and managing services at all stages of the value chain, including evaluation of business opportunities, exploration, business development and monitoring. We nurture an extensive network of collaborations with academia and industry partners with which we are actively participating in R&D projects to always provide our clients with the best and most innovative solutions.

Our team has 50+ specialized publications in international peer reviewed journals and 75+ years of accumulated experience in the development, testing and application of integrated innovative geophysical and geological methods for the exploration and exploitation of natural resources and for the evaluation and monitoring of geo-hazards.

Key participants

Giulio Casini

Giulio Casini

Giulio Casini received his Ph.D. in structural geology from the University of Siena (Italy) in 2007. Since his PhD he has been specializing in the evaluation, characterization, and modeling of naturally fractured reservoirs, fracture development in foreland fold-and-thrust belts, and application of virtual outcrop technologies to fracture characterization and modeling in carbonate systems. He has 9 years of experience in the oil and gas sector of which 7 years at Statoil. He has been working with a variety of data and techniques including fieldwork, remote sensing, virtual outcrop technologies, cores and well log analysis, seismic interpretation, 2D and 3D modeling softwares and data from foreland fold and thrust belts (e.g. Iran, Oman, Apennines and Alps), rift systems and passive margins (e.g. Brazil, Angola, North Sea). During the years in the oil industry he has covered technical as well as management positions and he had the opportunity to build experience in project management, leadership and teaching. 1 Msc thesis, 5 summer student projects, 2 internal Statoil classrooms+fieldcourses. 13 publications in international journals, several presentations at international congresses/workshops.

David Marti

David Martí

David Martí received his PhD in geophysics from the University of Barcelona in 2004. His research topics are related to the application of seismic methods to subsurface characterization at different depths. He has been specializing in seismic reflection and refraction, inverse problem (travel time and full waveform tomography), ambient noise interferometry and wave modelling in complex media. He has been involved in numerous research projects with the industry in reservoir characterization (CO2 storage and waste disposal sites) and civil engineering. He has published 34 research manuscripts and he has advised 2 PhD students and 5 master students. More than 100 presentations at international congresses/workshops.

Eduard Saura

Eduard Saura

Eduard Saura is a structural geologist with 18 years of research experience. He received his PhD in geology at the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona in 2004. Eduard's research interests are in fold and thrust belts and related foreland basins and the relationship between tectonics and sedimentation, at different scales and from different scopes. He has lately been working in salt tectonics both in extensional and compressive settings. He has worked in several orogenic systems including the Pyrenees, Cuba thrust belt, the Zagros Mountains, the Polish Carpatians, Eastern Sierra Madre (Mexico), Papua New Guinea thrust belt and Moroccan Atlas, as part of basic research projects as well as oil&gas industry and CO2 storage projects. He is specialized in balanced and restored geologic cross sections, studies of the tectonic and sedimentation rates within a basin, seismic interpretation, geological mapping, analogue and numerical modeling and 3D geological model building and has 23 published research papers.

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