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Redstone Exploration Services Sp.zo.o.

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Redstone is a Polish start-up consulting company regrouping several economic geologists, structural geologists, and mine geologists from Poland, UK, and Morocco, with proven track record of successful mineral exploration-oriented services on several continents. Among others, it has provided services for such established companies as Doe Run Company (USA); SC Lundin Mining S.R.L. (Romania); Antofagasta Investment Company Limited (UK); Rathdowney Resources (Poland/Canada); Iluka Resources Ltd. (Australia); Comtrade International UG (Germany); Ferrite Resources Ltd. (Australia); Adventus Zinc Corporation (Canada); Marrakech Exploration Pty Ltd. (Australia), etc. In addition to work for the industry, this SME is also actively involved in ore genesis research, educational activities, scientific vulgarization, and the preservation of geological heritage.

Key participants

 Mike (Michal) Mlynarczyk

Mike (Michal) Mlynarczyk

Redstone’s principal geologist, Dr. Mlynarczyk, P.Geo., EurGeol., SEGF, has 24 years of worldwide experience in a variety of mineral deposit types and geological terrains (Canada, Peru, Bolivia, Morocco, Tunisia, Ireland, Poland, Serbia, Mali, Niger, Laos, etc.). Of these, 10 years were spent in research dedicated specifically to Sn-W ore deposits and conducted at McGill University’s Ore Deposit Research Group (Montreal, Canada), which included Sn-W deposit examples from Peru, Bolivia, Poland, and Morocco. His experience encompasses ore microscopy, mineralogy, electron microprobe, fluid inclusion studies, stable isotope studies, alteration litho-geochemistry, granite petrology, structural geology, and thermodynamic modelling.

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