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Valoriza Minería

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Valoriza Minería is a company of the Sacyr Group, one of the largest Spanish companies. ValorizaMineria is focussed on the exploration and mining in Spain, mainly for base and critical metals. Currently is operates the W-Sn and a Ni-Cu mines, as well as three advances projects (Alcochel-Cu, Valdeflores-Li, and La Gudiña-W). It is also actively exploring in other areas of Iberia. Valoriza has a major interest in new sustainableand cost-effective methods of exploration.

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Valoriza Minería is one of the leading exploration companies in Spain and has several major projects that will be used as test sites in the present project. These test sites host a wide variety of W-Sn-Ta mineralization styles. The infrastructural information of Valoriza, including geological mapping, 3D models, drilling and mine operations are critical for the development of this project. Valoriza will not only provide key information, but also will intensively collaborate in the infrastructure and interpretation of the geology, geochemistry and geophysics of the project as well as in the comminution tests.

Key participants

Ismael Solaz

Ismael Solaz

35 years of experience in natural resource management, from exploration to planning and management of mining projects in more than 20 countries (Europe, Asia, America and Africa). Since 2013, Director of Geology and Mining Exploration of Valoriza Mining (Sacyr Group), with responsibility for the selection of new projects and management of technical equipment for mining exploration and mine geology.

Iván Losada

Iván Losada

Superintendent of the department of Geology.

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