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The Department of Geology of Mineral Deposits was formed as a separate academic unit of the Educational and Scientific "Institute of Geology" (former Faculty of Geology since 1944). The Institute of Geology, being the structural unit of national Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv, provides specialization in most of geological sciences and related Earth sciences. It includes 7 academic departments (geology of mineral deposits; mineralogy, geochemistry and petrography; geophysics; geoinformatics; hydrogeology and engineering geology; petroleum geology), 6 training laboratories, 3 research units, 2 laboratory complexes. Among former local activities of the department are geological and economical investigation of the Territory of Ukraine (since 1944), ore deposit investigations within the whole territory of the former Soviet Union (since 1950), geological and economical study of ore deposits and mineral base of Ukraine as independent state (since 2004). Educational activity includes teaching of students (BSc, MSc) in the geology of mineral deposits, ore mineralogy and ore microscopy, metallogeny, economic geology and others. Practical training includes field practice in drilling and field training at industrial (geological) enterprises. The department provides post-graduate courses (PhD) in the "Geology of metallic and non-metallic mineral deposits" and "Economic Geology". Ukraine is a RIS country.

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Each of the staff members of the Department of Geology of Mineral Deposits has more than 20 years experience in studying different types of mineralization in Ukraine – Sn-W (greisens, skarns), Mo (porphyry), Li + Ta-Nb (rare-metal pegmatites), Au (greenstone and orogenic gold), U (sodic metasomatites), etc., which are the subject of numerous papers in refereed journals. The Department has an extensive expertise in ore microscopy (using, among others an X-Ray Microanalyser JCXA733 JEOL Superprobe) and U-Pb, Rb-Sr geochronology. It has been involved in many international projects, such as for example in: Niger (assessment of gold deposits, 1998), Ghana (assessment of gold deposits, 1999), Iran (assessment of rare-earth deposits, 2002), Guinea (assessment of gold deposits, 2003-2004), Indonesia (assessment of deposits of skarn type iron and copper ores, 2007), Armenia (assessment of gold-polymetallic deposits, 2004, 2007), Madagascar (assessment of rareearth deposits, 2008), Nigeria (assessment of coal-fields, gold, titanium and iron ores, marble of different genetic types, 2008) and others.

Members of the department of Geology of Mineral Deposits

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